Mission & Vision

this site was created with a plan to express myself in hope that my expression and creativity would help others who can relate. I have always been focused on spreading love, peace and happiness since a young age with the idea that we should always be ourselves regardless of judgement and validation from others because it impedes us of our true potential to love, find peace, and be happy. With a healthier mindset we accept who we are and who we can be. Therefore my mission is to bless you with new ways or regenerate old ideas to help you understand yourself better.

The mission of S.W.A.P is to bring news, scripture, philosophy and daily messages to our lives in order to help us find our purpose and if we already have found our purpose; how we can grow in that certain area of our lives. Every step we take in our lives is worthy of being praised whether it is the right step or the wrong step , as long as we are on a mission for growth and fulfilling our purpose here on Earth.