What Do You See?

What do you see when you look at yourself? 

Do you see the love of your life or loathe at your appearance, do you speak words of affirmation or mumble with incoherence?

 Let me ask you , who was your first love? 

Was it that person who you felt was your true soul mate? Was it one of your parents who showered you with affection? I was hoping the answer was who you see in your own reflection.

Because no matter how many times you mask your face and still not satisfied with the outcome,  realize you’re in a race with a negative energy you can’t out run.

 I bet you have not been eating right; the chef must be insecurity? The only thing they’re feeding you is self-doubt and drinks that make you gauge your impurities. 

Yet you crave reassurance like a midnight snack from a pantry full of lies and deceit , not knowing these are the things no matter how much you consume make you feel less complete.

As if you’re being taught to degrade your own mind, the irony in that you’ve mastered the art of hiding your self-inflicted pain but can’t seem to draw the line & your clocks are not built with numbers but a lack of confidence dissipates your time.

 Everyday life feels as if you’re a stage performer for a make-shift audience,  even if the judges score you perfect you convince yourself their ingenuity is obvious.

Stop looking at a blank page and letting your eyes create words from the thoughts that haunt you , you deserve to make this world your canvas and paint it how you want to , create an atmosphere so angelic they get mad at how you can flaunt too.

Let your skin be as vibrant as the sun, eyes shine like the stars you have the universe in your soul, only difference between you and the skies is you’re not to be consumed by black holes. 

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