Vision Board

Why Vision Boards Are Useful

A vision board is an easy tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on certain life goals through your own display of images which represent ideas, plans, and goals in life.


As humans, it is psychologically known that we are visual learners or able to understand and comprehend more with visuals. Learning strategies are designed with graphic organizers, diagrams, mind maps, even during presentations we are asked to include pictures, videos, and in some cases art. As children when we first start learning our vocabulary is accompanied with a picture because it will be easier to comprehend when given text and an illustration of the text. As a matter of fact people who follow directions with texts and illustrations do much better than people who only just read the text. Why not use this same concept with our own life plans, using this phenomenal ability of your brain to plan out our short term and long term goals. Every new year i witness so many people write down ” new year resolutions ” but by the third or fourth month they have given up on these so called resolutions. A better alternative to this would be visual ideas because words are abstract and rather difficult for the brain to retain, whereas visuals are concrete and, as such, easier to remember. The many things we are bombarded with on a weekly basis from your internal thoughts to your external relations, there is no way we can truly keep track of the goals we have set forth for ourselves at all times. Therefore my solution is to create a vision board, put these thoughts and ideas together by compiling images that represent the specific details you want to accomplish whether on a monthly or yearly basis maybe even for life long affirmations. The brain is set up in a way that visual stimuli and emotional response is easily linked, and together the two form memories. Imagine having positive images in your own designated book or board that are a visual representation of your aspirations, you will more than likely be emotionally attached rather letting it wither away like other concepts.

How To Create A Vision Board

  • Write down ideas, goals, and ambitions for yourself and only yourself ( these are your visions for you ) think about these four things.
    • What is a better life for you?
    • What makes your life valuable?
    • How can you make everyday worth looking forward to?
    • What makes you happy?
  • Chose a theme that highlights the focus of your vision board. It can be a just one vision board or several boards each with a different purpose.
  • Chose the format you’d like your vision board in. Create one you’re most comfortable with that is fitting to your personality.
    • physical boards, poster boards, or any material that can be hung.
    • electronic versions
    • personal book
    • Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document
  • Find images and worthy quotes that depict your written aspirations.
  • Compile them on the board or create a collage with these images so you can design according to your theme.
  • Have spaces or free pages to write down any thing that may correspond with a visual. Also good for a checklist, inspiration quotes, or journaling your day.
  • After it’s put together, place it somewhere it can be easily accessible to you. the idea is to have a visual reminder of what you are working towards although you do not have to look at it daily but a few times a week.

Lastly, creating this board is a good way to focus on our purpose, shaping our identity in the direction we would like, and a good way to map out our ideas visually. However, do not think this is just the one and only step towards progression and everything will magically happen after that. Remember, we can plant as many seeds but without watering them they will not grow; therefore be assertive in bringing these visions to life. Not everything in life is promised as we know regardless of the vision you’ll run into disappointments, create this with optimism but be consistent with reality.

Here is my vision board for this website ;  SWAP Vision Board





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