Beauty In The Struggle

“Everything that you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for”


Most times we find ourselves frustrated, overwhelmingly stressed, and struggling.In such a fast-paced world juggling things like school, work, relationships, life simply has those “roller-coaster” moments where we just encounter difficulties getting to our next point and where we essentially desire to be. In the same sense when driving sometimes you may feel lost, find yourself stranded and just can not seem to find where you are going, or maybe it’s taking forever to get to your destination? At these moments we usually want to turn around and just go elsewhere or even start all over. Yet, you don’t realize that through being lost you have found new roads, new ways, new paths, another route that may be useful for another day. So rather than giving up; go till you find your way because you may never know how close you are to the destination unless you persist. We all understand that adversity can be aggravating, makes even the strongest of people want to give up because of feeling as though whatever it is we are aiming towards is not easily as accomplishable as other goals. However, always remember the phrase “what does not kill you makes you stronger.” Why do we let struggle and rough times manipulate our own capabilities into thinking we are weaker than the problems and experiences that we have overcome in the past? I love the expression” there is beauty in the struggle” because through tough situations whether it be life, struggling with grades, relationship with yourself, friends and spiritual journey with God. All that clutter makes us overlook how these trials and tribulations bring us maturity, learning, growth and understanding.By nature, the only way we as humans become stronger physically is through exercise, diet, and consistency between the two. This is no different with how we should tackle things mentally, it is essential that we feed ourselves positive and healthy thoughts in order to execute situations progressively and in a substantial way.The outcome of a situation is totally dependent on how we decide to act upon it, every encounter we should have the idea of being stronger and better than before.Do not see struggle as a weakening experience that left you distraught and hurting but something that made you believe in yourself, gave you faith to succeed, helped you find your true purpose.All this may lead you to where you are destined to be and can teach you that through your journey just take the next step or leap, it is the only way to build courage. Therefore, next time life blindsides you, do not be weakened by the pain but rather take that hit and gain strength from it.Whereas next time  you can stand your ground and turn a bad situation into blessing without ever changing the situation.

Tips for overcoming adversity

  1. Build your internal resources. Before adversity hits, work on cultivating emotional strength, courage and discipline. When you make yourself aware that certain difficulties are inevitable, you can prepare yourself mentally for confronting adversity head-on.Another invaluable inner resource is faith. Faith that everything will work out; faith that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and faith that “this too shall pass.” Everything in life has its place and purpose.
  2. Take inspiration and learn from others who have dealt successfully with adversity. There are many inspiring stories of people who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds. They triumphed over their adversities to live successful, productive lives instead of surrendering to it.
  3. Let each success energize you. With every success, we are strengthened and empowered for greater victories. You cannot become enslaved by disappointments. You must realize that every disappointment is being engineered for your destiny.


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